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If you Ireally want to make a difference to your garden we strongly recommend you to add a water. Even a small pond or fountain can give your backyard charm and uniqueness. Running water from a small waterfall will help you contemplate your best idea. All together it will bring aliveness to your garden and help you to relax after a long day. If you have some ideas we’ll develop them into project, if not we’ll design for you a small paradise from the scratch.

Driveway Interlock

It’s hard to imagine a garden without flowers. We can create for you any kind of flowerbeds: classical, natural even rock garden. We combine different type of plants into groups, plant them in the right spot to create an interesting shape and decorate them with stones. Usually, we like to surround patio or deck with a flowers and use decorative grass to make an accent for the specific place.
​Let us unleash your creativity.

Ponds and Fountains

Pathway and sidewalk will be nice addition for your garden. Professionally designed pathway will help to organize and structure your garden. We’ll connect your deck, pond and porch with curve pathway made from Interlock or flagstone and that will make your walk very pleasant. We’ll offer you wide variety of styles and materials to make your garden unique. Let us show you what we can do.

Driveway and porch is the “face” of your house. Wide driveway and beautiful porch are good demonstration of your hospitality. With Interlock we’ll create interesting shape for your driveway and we’ll make it bigger. In addition to that we’ll build the porch like logical continuation of the driveway and together they’ll look very inviting. Before we start, we’ll give you dozen ideas to choose because everything is possible with a big variety styles of stones which give you Interlock.


Patio zone is the focal point of your backyard. With Interlock we’ll do wide and capable patio zone where you could invite all your friends. We’ll connect your patio and deck with curve pathway made from Interlock. And we’ll integrate it into beautifully designed landscape of your backyard. Virtually, all your ideas might come true with a big variety colors and structures of stones which give you Interlock.

Your deck will become very useful and comfortable place when it’s done by our professionals. We can combine your deck with a patio or integrate it into landscape of your backyard. We can create it like an open concept, build it like a multilevel structure even small gazebo could be built on it. Of coures, we’ll discuss with you all details first and then we’ll make your deck functional and cozy place to spend time with your family, friends and neighbors.  

After you’ve created a beautiful garden the biggest problem is to preserve that beauty. In order to do that you need proper maintenance. Yes, it takes time and effort but it's worth it. We offer to you any kind of help. We’ll  wake up your garden after a long winter, we'll help  you to refresh your flowerbed and plant new bushes and trees, and we’ll keep your lawn clean and neat. Finally, before first snow comes we’ll prepare your garden for the long winter again. So, you won’t be alone, we’ll help you with everything.


Patio Interlock 

Deck and Gazebo


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