​home renovation in Ottawa 

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Adding tile to your project can make your home truly amazing. There are many places in the house where you could use tiles. It might be the floor in the entryways, walls in the bathroom or a backsplash in the kitchen. Each place requires a unique approach and the right style. Let us show you how combining tile and mosaic elements can create amazing effects. Well installed tile will serve you for a long time and it’s easy to clean.


Plumbing is not pleasant but necessary part of renovation. Without professional plumbing your house won’t function properly and it might create a lot of problems.That is why we pay attention to it and do it right before we begin finishing work. Bathtub, shower, vanity and wash machine everything has to be installed professionally. If you want to move your toilet we can help you with it. Even though you need an extra bathroom or laundry we can do it.    

Drywall and Ceiling

Tile and Mosaic

The staircase is a focal point of any home. It is often a big part of your first impression and a beautiful, well-crafted staircase can't be understated. Professional installers and the vast variety of materials and colours will make you pleased with every step of your staircase.   

Windows and Doors

Decorative Painting


Electricity is not visible but extremely important part of whole project. Many things depend on it in the future. We always think ahead and try to imagine what will you need and do a little bit more. Your convenience is our main priority so we find a right spot for everything: spotlights, home phone, TV even Internet. We can put at once all wires and cable you might need and all you need to do is switch on the light.


Painting is the final and the most creative part of renovation. Although choosing
​a single colour might be the simplest way, it's not always the best way. Let us create your unique exclusive interior with painted eye catching designs and decorative spackle/plaster finishes. Such a design will take your living room style to the next level.

Your home insn't just the sum of square feet. It is your living space. We’ll take care of each and every corner in your home to make it cozy and functional. Our professional layout will give you the opportunity to use every foot of your basement for what you need to fit: extra bathroom, bedrooms, a bigger laundry, a playroom for your children or even a gym.

One aspect of a professional renovation that has a big impact on the overall result is hardwood. We use only high quality materials and professional installers for our projects. These are the most important elements for the final result. We will match different types of wood and classical colors to your style and highlight your existing  furniture to give your home a unique, unmatched look.    

Hardwood and Flooring

Beautiful modern windows and doors allow you to customize one of the main elements of your home's exterior look with many styles and colours and they make your home's interior bigger and brighter. The high quality of the windows and professional installation will safely keep your house warm and comfortable under any weather conditions.